One of the cornerstones of the TMC success has been the continuous improvement in Quality Management Systems.

Out of spec power tools can bring disaster, laying the ground work for a massive costly rework and degrading overall product quality. At the same time, regulatory issues and compliance pressures are demanding more information, and expanding their scope to include traceability of power tool performance data.

By far the largest department in TMC is the Design Engineering & Quality Management Department who have the task of assessing prototypes, testing pre production samples, conducting performance testing, production inspection & test, final test & verification, and pre shipment control. This department controls quality from the design stage through to final delivery.

To achieve this high level of Quality Control we employ experienced engineers and provide them with the latest test equipment that will allow accurate verification of all safety & performance criteria. Customers are welcomed to inspect our facilities at our Head Office in Nanjing.

With such a well resourced technical department, TMC offer a certification service GS, EMC, SAA, UL, CSA, ROHS, PAHS, etc etc.. If required, we will organize to have selected products certified to the relevant standards on our customers’ behalf, thus making the complicated process easily manageable by our customers.